Monday, 8 August 2016

Airport With a Beach

Ever wondered how to spend a couple of hours waiting in between two connecting flights in an airport? What about going to a virgin beach surrounded by a Mediterranean pine forest and a natural resort with canals where birds fly high?
You may say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one, says a song. And in addition this place exists, right on the foot steps of Barcelona's El Prat Airport. You can get here in no time from any of the two airport terminals either by a taxi or walking. If you come from Barcelona city just grab the city train to the Airport T2 Terminal (ride costs about 1 euro if you use the T10 travel card) and from there you can either bike or walk. The detailed map is included at the end of this page.

Kingdom of Water and Birds

Once you pass the barrier of the Remolar - Les Filipines natural reserve you could feel the air is changing: it gets a bit cooler and the perfume of the wild vegetation around you embraces you just as a shawl. On your left a canal with still sweet waters is bordered by tall water plants pierced from place to place by wooden fences with cut off tiny windows where you can do some bird watching. Bellow the cuts there are displayed all the birds that could be spotted here. The listing is done in English, Catalan, Spanish and Latin. Further away observation towers allow you to get a better view of the area from high platforms.
As you get closer to the beach wild blueberries are inviting you to stop at each step you try to make towards the sea. Then the air starts to feel even fresher and the Med perfume of the pine trees kicks in in a symphony of crickets.

Beach & Sea

After so many treats you are finally arriving at the large Mediterranean sea. To the lest, the Remolar beach is narrower but cosy. To the right, the Les Filipines beach stretches as wide as 50-60 meters and long (a couple of kilometers) flowing into the Viladecans and Gava beaches. The sand is as fine as the flour and the beach descends gradually into the sea that always moves in happy foamy waves. The sand dunes behind the beach are protected areas and when I say protected the local authorities really mean it. You can see patrols inspecting the area.

Golden Lights

The wide beach being bordered by the natural reserve allows sun worshipers to soak in all the sun they want until the big star sets behind the far away mountains offering gold-infused light and unforgettable swims with sunsets brushing strong colours in the sky.

The Flying Giants

Because of its remote location, even on weekends these beaches are not crowded. The space between people is abundant. Bring with you some water and a snack or packed lunch as there are no beach bars. There are no hassling beer/cola/water sellers, no mojito offers, no cheap massage offers or beach towels on sale to disturb your peace and the sound of the sea. The only odd presence that give this place a unique character are the airplanes that are taking off from Barcelona's Terminal 1 Airport. On weekdays at 3.30 pm Emirates' plane to Dubai or the 5.25 pm Qatar Airways' huge aircraft are taking off. Due to their weight they need more space to get higher, so they cruise over the beach like huge whales with a white belly, or like a shiny metal clouds. The effect will let you in awe.

Zero Connectivity to Disconnect

This place is the perfect place to disconnect from the bustling rhythm of the city life. As a bonus to that you can hide your phone in the deepest pocket of your bag as here Internet and phone signals do not work.

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